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How to Add Captions to Instagram Reels to Increase Engagement

How to Add Captions to Instagram Reels to Increase Engagement


by Elis Hayakawa

Mar 12, 20233 minute read

With the introduction of Instagram reels in 2019, there has been an explosion of content on the platform. How do creators make their reels stand out?

One strategy creators use is Instagram's caption feature. While scrolling through reels, users are more likely to watch your reel if they see eye-catching captions giving context to the video.

If you're wondering how to utilize this feature, you're in luck because, in this post, you'll learn how to use and manage Instagram captions for your reels to create engaging content.

The easiest way to add captions to your reel is to use Instagram's text-to-speech function.

Here's how to do it:


Tap the + to add to your story, select reels, and record your video.


Tap the sticker icon at the top of the screen and select the “Captions” sticker.

Double-check your video to make sure the captions are accurate and if they are then you're good to go!

Now if you are an English user this will work perfectly for you. However, there's one problem. Instagram doesn't support text-to-speech for other languages.

If you are set on taking your reels to the next level by implementing captions you may want to consider using third-party editing services.

You can add translated captions to your Instagram reels using Aview's editing services in 3 easy steps.


Select from Aview's services


Identify which languages you would like to use


Receive translated Instagram reels with captions within 48 hours

Adding captions to your Instagram reels is a great tool to add to your arsenal if you're looking to increase your engagement and expand your audience.

Whether you are using Instagram's text-to-speech feature or third-party editing services, by adding captions to your reels, you'll be on your way to taking your content to the next level.