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3 Reasons Why You Should Add Translated Dubbing To Your Content

3 Reasons Why You Should Add Translated Dubbing To Your Content


by Elis Hayakawa

Mar 12, 20233 minute read

As content grows and diversifies, it's more important than ever to ensure your audience has access to it.

A great way to reach a diverse audience is dubbing. Dubbing is the practice of translating video content through voiceovers.

It's such a great way to reach larger audiences that even popular creators such as Logan PaulNinjaYesTheory, and more have opted to dub their content.

In this post, you'll learn why dubbing is such an effective strategy and how it can help you expand your audience.

In addition to being a great way to expand your content library, dubbing is also a great way to reach new audiences and make your content more accessible. This can be particularly important for smaller markets like Latin America or Eastern Europe, where there may not be as many native speakers of English compared with the US or UK.

Dubbing allows you to grow your audience using translations, so it's worth considering if you want your content accessible in other languages.

When you're thinking about localizing your content for a new market, you have to wait for the subtitles to be available. This can take time and be frustrating because there may be a lot of uncertainty upfront.

It's not uncommon for some of your videos to get no views in a foreign language until the translation comes out.

Dubbing allows you to test the waters in new markets without waiting for subtitles. You can see if people are interested in watching your video and learn if they want more content like it before investing in full-scale translation.

A strong reason is that it allows you to add more content to your library. This is especially useful if you plan to expand your business overseas or have an extensive content library and want to increase its reach by adding translated dubbing.

Dubbing also allows you to use the same content in different markets. For example, if someone from Spain wants to watch some American TV shows in Spanish, this is possible with dubbed audio tracks on the DVDs of those shows (or VOD for digital platforms).

It's no secret there's tons of money on YouTube and other streaming platforms for creators who focus on specific niches like gaming or sports. But sometimes those niches aren't big enough for the big companies yet—so how do you get started? By creating dubs!

You'll gain access by providing something new while allowing yourself room for growth. Dubbing makes your content more accessible.

Additionally, this will allow others who do not speak English fluently to access your content easily via subtitles. Some people like hearing instead of reading subtitles while watching videos online (especially since most people watch videos on their mobile devices).

Instead of only having access via subbed versions, which might not be the preferred option for everyone.

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If you want to make your content accessible to more people, dubbing is the way to go. It allows you to take your content and repurpose it into multiple languages, making it available to more potential viewers. It also helps you test the waters in a new market and expand your content library.